Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creat(iv)ely: A freeware organizational chart program

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Why Creately for my Company Organizational Chart?

Creately makes creating an Organizational Chart simple and fast. With Easy Start Organizational Chart Templates and Smart Shapes for Org Charts, its a breeze to create Organizational Charts. Include all essential Personnel data (Name, Title, Contact and more) right there in your organisational chart. Then with a click of the mouse, share your Organizational Chart with staff or publish it on your Intranet.

The Perfect Org Chart Software

1-Click styling for colors, fills and gradients.
Beautiful easy start Organizational Chart Templates
Smart routing and hyper-links between department org charts
Upload staff photographs to include in a photo org chart
No Org Chart software download required. Works in your Browser.
Export your organizational chart to PDF or publish on your Intranet with 1-Click.
Smart Filters to show/hide sensitive personnel data.
Everyone can work collaboratively on a single copy of the Organizational Chart

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