Monday, March 31, 2008

Headhunter 2000: A Freeware Software for Headhunters, Recruiters and Placement Specialists

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The software tracks all aspects of filling job openings and managing the recruiting process.
Best of all, you can currently get a copy of HeadHunter 2000 without paying any licensing fees! Simply download the software by clicking here.

So why are they giving this software away for free while other recruiting software could cost you thousands of dollars? The answer goes back to the history of this software. Click here to learn more about this.

The HeadHunter software is available for download via this web site. This software does not expire, and you are free to use it for as long as you like!

So what's the catch? Non from their part. However, you must be able to learn and use the software on your own.

HeadHunter 2000 comes with a detailed user's manual. Use this manual to learn using the software. Since they are currently not charging a licensing fee for this product, they regret that they are not able to support it. Please do not call them with questions regarding HeadHunter 2000.
Instead, use the online support forum to communicate with other users.

Overview and screenshots
Key Benefits
Special Features
What it is and what is is not
Download the software (no licensing fee required)

The Most Influential Headhunters as World's Top Executive Recruiters

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Ulrich F. Ackermann, Managing Partner, Transearch International Deutschland
Ignacio Bao, Chairman, Signium International
Robert L. Benson, Chairman, Slayton Search Partners
Dennis Carey, Senior client partner, Korn/Ferry International
Jim Citrin*, Senior director, Spencer Stuart
Christopher John Clarke, President, CEO, Boyden World
Michael James "Jim" Conroy, Chairman, Founding Partner, Conroy Ross Partners
Peter D. Crist, Chairman, Crist Associates
Julie Hembrock Daum*, Practice Leader, North American Board Services, Spencer Stuart
Carmen Suarez de Padilla, Director, Stanton Chase International
Sylvain Dhenin, Managing partner, CTPartners
Bruce Dingman*, President, The Dingman Co.
Claudio Fernandez-Araoz*, Partner, Egon Zehnder Intl.
Claudio A. Fernaud, Regional VP, Stanton Chase International
Richard Fudickar, Managing partner, Boyden International
Sakie T. Fukushima, Regional manager, Korn/Ferry International
Jay Gaines, President, CEO, Jay Gaines & Co.
John T. Gardner, Vice-chairman, Heidrick & Struggles
Bob Gattie, Director, Amrop Hever
Dr. Bjørn Johansson, Chairman, CEO, Dr. Bjørn Johansson Associates
Trina Gordon, Chairman, Boyden World
Janet Jones-Parker, Managing director, Jones-Parker/Starr
Edward Kelley, Chairman, CEO, Edward W. Kelley & Partners
Roger M. Kenny, President, Boardroom Consultants
Peter A. Kindler, Vice-chairman, Boardroom Consultants

Pasi Koivusaari, Senior partner, Boyden World
Stephen P. Mader, Vice-chairman & managing director, Board Services, Korn/Ferry International
Horacio J. McCoy, President, Mexico; chairman, Latin America, Korn/Ferry International
Dinesh Mirchandani, Regional director, Boyden World
Thomas J. Neff*, Chairman, Spencer Stuart
Dayton Ogden*, Global Leader, CEO Practice, Spencer Stuart
John B. Peebles, Professional director, John Peebles Associates
David Preng, President, Preng & Associates
Paul C. Reilly, Chairman, Korn/Ferry International
Russell S. Reynolds Jr., RSR Partners (formerly Directorship Search Group)
Gerard R. Roche, Senior Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles International
William H. Rusher Jr., Chairman, CEO, Rusher, Loscavio & LoPresto
Burke St. John, Vice-chairman, global head of financial services, CTPartners
Diane Segalen, Vice-chairman, CTPartners
Louisa Wong-Rousseau, Group managing director, Bó Lè Associates
Brian Sullivan, Chairman, CEO, CTPartners
Vincent Swift, CEO, The Wright Co./Transearch
Soo Jin Tan, Director, Amrop Hever
John Thompson, Vice-chairman, Heidrick & Struggles International
Charles Tseng, President, Asia-Pacific, Korn/Ferry International
Judith M. von Seldeneck, Chairman, CEO,Diversified Search, Ray & Berndtson
Didier Vuchot, Chairman, Europe, Korn/Ferry International
Steve Watson, International chairman, Stanton Chase
John Wood*, Partner, Spencer Stuart
Kathryn Yap, Managing partner, CTPartners

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ultimate Business Planner: a Freeware Software to Start Your Business or HR-vision

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If you need to write a business plan, but don't have time to waste, then get Ultimate Business Plan Starter.

It's the fast way to get your business idea on paper. Business Plan Starter walks you through every important step--from start to finish. Ultimate Business Planner guides you through each business-planning step. Developed for entrepreneurs by small-business experts and small-business owners, Ultimate Business Planner simplifies the process of writing a business plan and gives you expert advice, tips, and hints based on proven business practices.

Just give in "ultimate business planner" in Google and you will find it, free to download and to use. The Free version however gives limited functionalities, but it's a very good starting point.

I also found interesting excel and other docs. Freeware:

  • Free Exl-Plan Free, high-level financial planner for Excel for creating projected income statements, cashflows and balance sheets for 2 years ahead. Includes a free comprehensive 150-page business plan guide and Word-based template.

  • Free Cashflow Plan Free, an Excel-based, business cash flow planner with roll-forward facility for short-term projections.

  • Free-Plan (Biz-Plan), a free Business Plan Template for Word (48 pages) and complementary Guide (supplied as a 90+ topic Help file and as a 100+ page PDF file for printing).

  • Free Online Strategy Planner for compiling a 2-3 page strategic business plan.

  • Free Online Business Plan Compiler for developing a 5-6 page outline plan.

  • Free Online Financial Planner for generating high-level, first-cut five-year projections of income statements, cashflows and balance sheets.

  • Free Business Plan eGuides, compilation of papers on business planning matters.

  • Free Online Advice Service for problems relating to the compilation of a business plan.

The Free Recycable Personal Organizer

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The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Lets face it, PDAs are too expensive and cumbersome, and organizers are bulky and hard to carry around. Nothing beats a folded up piece of paper. That is until now. With the PocketMod, you can carry around the days notes, keep them organized in any way you wish, then easily transfer the notes to your PDA, spreadsheet, or planner.

The PocketMod is a small book with guides on each page. These guides or templates, combined with a unique folding style, enable a normal piece of paper to become the ultimate note card. It is hard to describe just how incredibly useful the PocketMod is. It's best that you just dive in and create one.

The Download Link is

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free Windows Templates as a means of freeware human resources software

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Human resources software.

If you as a starter or owner of a small or medium company like to have free software in order to prevent spending too much money to a human resource software program and if you have the MS-office packages then I recommend you to look for free Templates as human resource software solutions.

These are under-estimated free human resource software packages and submitted by different people, checked by MS and evaluated as "good".

These human resource software packages, so to speak, deal with different MS-Office packages such as Word, Excel, ... Now for these human resources softwares we will focus on Excel.

Hereunder you will find download-links pointing to different human resource solutions.

Time Management

Employee absence tracker
Operations employee timecard
Employee timecard (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly)
Employee shift schedule
2008 employee absence schedule
Weekly time sheet with breaks
Employee timecard
Weekly time sheet with breaks
Weekly time sheet (8 1/2 x 11, landscape)
Biweekly time sheet
2008 Employee attendance tracker New!
Time card


Payroll calculator

Performance management

Sales team member evaluation

Training Management

Training needs assessment

Identification Cards

Employee ID badge (portrait)
Employee ID badge (landscape)
Employee ID badge (landscape)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Free Payscale Salary Calculators for different countries

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If you start building a new business or company and start to hire employees then it may be difficult to know how much you have to preview as salary for that employee in that specific function or job. The following link can help you out. It gives you the opportunity to freely search what "you're worth" taking into consideration the country, the job, the city or state and even the years of experience of the new employee.
Hereunder you will find specific payscale Salary Calculators for a few limited (big) countries.
Payscale Salary Calculator for the USA

Payscale Calculator for Canada

Payscale Salary Calculator for the UK - United Kingdom

Payscale Salary Calculator for Australia

Payscale Salary Calculator for India

Payscale Salary Calculator for New Zealand

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jobscore - A Freeware Online Website To Maintain Your Recruitment Processes

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Free hosted solution that allows you to create listings, score applicants, track progress and generate reports.

JobScore is a self-service recruiting solution for employers.

With JobScore there's no need to talk to pushy salespeople or pay expensive consultants. Just
sign up and get started.

Set up is easy. Sign in to your account, add your logo, and choose your colors. Then point the "jobs" link on your company website at your JobScore careers site.

Instead of applying by sending you their resume as an email attachment, candidates apply online using your careers site.

Careers Site

JobScore powers the careers pages of your company's website. We make it easy for you to keep your job listings up to date, and even easier for candidates to apply over the web. Every JobScore customer gets their own custom careers site.

We extract key information, work experience and education history from each applicant's resume, and they verify whether we've got it right.

JobScore displays profiles in a standardized format so you can quickly determine who to call. You control whether you review applicants in your online account, daily digest e-mails or individual e-mail alerts.

Post Jobs

JobScore makes it easy to post jobs and drive applicants to apply online through your careers site. You can stop wasting time entering your job into a bunch of different job boards: we publish your jobs to multiple job boards with one click. We publish to CareerBuilder, Craigslist, HotJobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired and we're adding new boards all the time.

Request Referrals

Referrals are the best way to hire people. JobScore makes it easy for you to send email to your personal and professional networks, driving referrals to apply online through your careers site.


JobScore provides visibilty into what's working. There's no need to spend hours every week manually compiling reports. All users can see how things are going at any time.

  • Track interviewing progress, marketing effectiveness and pipeline quality all on one screen.

  • Create custom lists of jobs by department, location and status using the filters on the candidate manager.

  • Create custom lists of candidates by job, status, score or source using the filters on the candidate manager.

Score Candidates

JobScore helps you zero-in on qualified candidates. Just enter your criteria and our match engine will generate a score for each of your candidates.

We feed your criteria into our match engine and score each candidate on a 10 point scale.

With JobScore there's no mystery, you can easily drill down into exactly why each candidate gets a certain score.

Review reports to make sure that you've got qualified people in your pipeline, and use average scores to see if your job marketing activities are generating qualified candidates.

Email Alerts

JobScore helps you stay organized by sending email alerts. Candidate alerts let you know when people apply for your jobs, task alerts help keep the ball rolling, and weekly activity reports keep everyone focused on reaching your hiring goals.

Choose between reviewing applicants in individual emails or a daily digest.

See a snapshot of what you need to do using your daily task digest. JobScore also sends you an alert each time someone assigns you a task.

Track your progress using weekly activity report emails.

Assign Tasks

JobScore helps you collaborate because hiring is a team effort. Invite your entire team into your JobScore account and assign each other tasks so you can stay on track.

Track all your to-do items using the tasks manager and daily task digest emails. Make sure that nothing falls through the cracks by tracking the tasks you assign to others.


Every company has its own hiring process. JobScore doesn't force you to work a certain way, you can customize the system to work the way you want.

  • Create and track your own step-by-step hiring process using candidate status options.

  • Create custom task categories so people know what to do when you assign them a task.

De downloadlink is Jobscore.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Freeware to make Professional ID Cards

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Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly!

Advanced ID Creator allows you to create professional and smart-looking employee cards on any Windows compatible printer. With this software you can create your own style of cards in literally minutes. It's really easy to use!

Create a great looking id card - Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design. Vary the color and style of any object for an endless array of possibilities.

Supports all card sizes- Select an existing layout or add your own for any ID card paper you want to print. Use standard stock or define your own.

The downloadlink is

Luscher Free Color Test as a means of Fast Evaluating Applicants

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Luscher Free Color Test is a highly precise and easy to use software that offers a fairly accurate analysis of your personality. This software is based on the fundamentals of colors representing your changing moods and hidden hopes and wants, which will help you to understand your actual situation.

The purpose of this simple, interactive software is to provide an analysis of your present situation and also help you pinpoint the actual problems of the applicant in life, which might enable which suitable remedial measures are to be undertaken.

Luscher Free Color Test is an effective online testing tool that attempts to throw light on significant aspects of the human personality. This test is based on the lifetime research conducted by Dr. Max Luscher, and successfully draws attention to areas of psychological and physiological stress in an individual’s personality.

The Color Test is used extensively by physicians, particularly psychologists, as well as by researchers and corporate organizations that wish to understand the personality profile of a probable recruit. Since the 1950’s, this test has been administered by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

I used it when I was a HR-manager in order to evaluate employees applicating for a vacancy. It always gave me a straightforward view of "the inner side of the applicant". And this in a short time.

Luscher Free Color Test is a completely free online test, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five to eight minutes, making it one of the fastest online tests to be ever administered.

All that the user needs to do is to select a single color one by one from a selection of eight different colors. As you click on one color, it disappears from view. After you click on all of them, the colors again reappear after a minute. You need to select them once again, and not necessarily in the order in which you selected them in the first round. These selections should be made randomly, just as you would choose colors for a new car or your bedroom curtains.

According to Dr. Max Luscher, the originator of this test, each of these colors has a definite significance.

Grey - You are a passive individual and most unwilling to be involved in any activity, even those that are mentally and physically stimulating. This attitude has stemmed from your past, which has been so exhaustive for you that you now seek to be totally uninvolved and have withdrawn into your own shell.

Blue - True to the meaning of this color, you are a peaceful individual, who is constantly in search of mental satisfaction and contentment, be it in your family life or work life. A sense of belongingness to the people you love reigns uppermost on your mind.

Green - You have a strong desire to achieve your rightful place in society and be recognized for your efforts. You want to be more determined and at the same time, more flexible to establish yourself even in the adverse situation that you are in. You seek self-reliance and independence.

Red - You are a really intense and passionate person with a desire to live life to the fullest. Your intense energy reflects in your animated behavior and enthusiastic way of speaking. All of your efforts are solely concentrated at success and you wish to conquer any given situation.

Yellow - You are likely to have an ongoing feeling of being stressed out in your present relationship or even work situation, and you badly need a change to relieve yourself. This makes you embark on a new journey to seek out new and circumstantially better possibilities.

Violet - You are a sentimental person, one who has a longing for emotional tenderness from a loved one. Your search for a romantic partner actually translates to a need to identify with someone and depends on a desire to gain support through your partner’s charm and social reach.
Brown - You are a person who feels bogged down by a lot of problems and actively seek a way out for emotional release. A secure atmosphere complete with physical comforts is what you really want to relax and recharge your batteries.

Black - You are an individual who definitely feels his/her present situation is not conducive to your health or your personal progress, and actively wants some way to release the pent up tension. Moreover, you are a person who simply refuses to let any other person or situation, influence your views in life.

The downloadlink is

Integrated Business Decisions Freeware as your starting point for the creation of a brandnew business or company

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Integrated Business Decisions renders easy interactive business decisions and planning including: demand prediction in competitive markets, sales, required employees, facilities and resources, equipments, loans, current cost, profit, taxes, cash, assets and liabilities.

The business planning in IBD can be in general described with the following sequence of calculations: demand > delivery > output > sales > materials (including manufacture equipment and facilities) > personnel > total cost > gross profit > taxes > net profit > money.

Detailed help, examples, charts and reports are provided. Note: To use the full capabilities of this program, you are required to register it to get the unlock password. Registration is FREE.

It seems to me that this software is a very good point to start to schedule your business in order to create a business plan. One of the issues to evaluatie during the creation of your business decisions is of course the evaluation of the amount of employees you need.

The download link is

Free Personnel Manager Software

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Personnel Manager Software enables the user to maintain information of Human Resources/Personnel.

Personnel Manager Software simply verifies attendances, sicknesses, lateness, holidays and employees near retirement. Personnel Manager Software compares hours absence and absence frequency and reports on holiday entitlement.

It's simple to use and one has an overview over one employee at a time. It could be used as one of the "KPI's" for appraisals and evaluation interviews.

The download link is

Human resource freeware software is a weblog dealing with human resource softwares.

The main purpose is to help small, medium and large companies to create a completely functional Human Resources department. So this weblog will deal with software that enables one to create such a department.

The human resources software will deal with topics as: personnel development, personnel employment, training, recruitment, human resources time management, ... Let's say all areas that one can use in order to create a well functioning HR-department.

This weblog will help human resources managers because they don't have to research free software because those resources will all be collected in this weblog. This will in itself facilitate the human resource development and services.

Human resource software will be added on a weekly basis. If you like to add questions, suggestions, ... you can fill out the poll which you can find at the right bar or subscribe to my RSS-feed.