Saturday, May 30, 2009

Freeware Booking for workshops, events, bed and breakfast, a therapist, ... you name it

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Get Your Booking System Running in Minutes

  1. Sign up for an account, the basic version is free
  2. Build your schedule by simply picking options from a web page
  3. Try out the working reservation system, you get a link right away
  4. Put the link on your web site so people can start using it

And you're done! It is entirely web based, so there is nothing to install and it works on any computer.

Works with any type of business…

• Health Clubs
• Music Schools
• Chiropractors
• Tennis Courts
• Nail Studios
• Medical Practices
• Financial Advisors
• Dental Offices
• Bed & Breakfasts
• Massage Therapists
• Hair Salons
• Auto Repair
• Photographers
• Golf Courses
and more…

General Features
  • Runs straight from any browser, no downloads needed
  • Intuitive, award winning user interface
  • Try out the entire system for free, only a valid e-mail address is needed
  • Small screen version available for handheld devices
  • Comprehensive context sensitive help pages and tutorials
  • Available 24/7 via secure SSL connections

Customizable Schedule Logic

  • Put time constraints on how long in advance users can book or make changes
  • Set a buffer time to allow for cleaning or travel time in between appointments
  • Indicate a ‘capacity’ to allow multiple reservations at the same time
  • Specify exceptions to regular opening hours, for example for the holiday season
  • Request approval or payment, before confirming a booking
  • Customizable user entry forms, with customizable drop down boxes

International Support

  • Display web pages and e-mails in 6 different languages, end-user selectable
  • Support for all the world’s 500+ time zones and daylight saving time areas
  • Support for 18 different currencies
  • Use any UTF-8 character (European, Chinese, Arabic) in e-mails and text

E-Mail Integration

  • Send appointment reminders to your users, by e-mail or SMS text message
  • Confirm new or changed appointments automatically by e-mail
  • Send yourself notifications of schedule changes to avoid having to check the site
  • Receive a daily report of changes to your schedule in your e-mail
  • Require users to have a valid e-mail address by sending a verification link
  • Notify all users in a time range, for example to notify them of schedule changes
  • All e-mail messages can contain customized text

Reservation Management

  • Access settings to determine who can create, update or delete and within what time frame
  • Appointments can repeat, with complex patterns like the 2nd Saturday every month
  • Automatically keep track of changes by e-mail, daily reports or via calendar synchronization
  • For places without web access create printed reports of the schedule
  • Allow groups to schedule by booking multiple places in a slot at once
  • Many actions can be undone; the trash can retains deleted appointments

Integration with Your Site

  • Use your own domain name to access the schedule, also in confirmation e-mails
  • Gracefully redirects broken URLs back to schedules for your domain
  • Upload a logo and modify colors to match your own site
  • Run a schedule within a frame on your own site
  • Hide our header and footer and provide your own

Setup and Maintenance

  • Easy set up wizard will choose a sensible default configuration for your situation
  • Give ‘super users’ additional access rights to do maintenance tasks
  • Make changes to the schedule logic without taking it off line
  • Or, instead, show a message to anyone but you while you are working on it

Waiting Lists

  • Waiting list queues can be maintained for each separate time slot
  • Automatic placement and notification if a spot opens up
  • Override the normal process with manual placement and to allow overbooking
  • Automatically cancel bookings when no payment is received

Customizable Layout

  • Show your schedule by day, week or month or in list format
  • Change colors and font size to match your own brand look and feel
  • Adjust the scale and the number of hours shown per day
  • Most screens, e-mails and help messages to the end user can be customized
  • Advanced users can edit several parts of the HTML on the page
  • Add your own advertisements and graphics to the page

Payment Processing

  • Automatically process credit cards through PayPal and view the payment status for each booking
  • Capture credit card information on the secure server if you want to do your own credit card processing
  • Manually process checks or bank transfers and e-mail payment confirmations from the site
  • 18 different currencies supported, show customizable payment instruction pages
  • Automatically reinstate expired bookings when payment takes a long time to come in

Customer Management

  • Limit access to your schedule in a variety of ways, including passwords, IP filtering and e-mail address verification
  • View customer history, or upcoming activity
  • Make changes on behalf of a customer to facilitate appointments that come in by phone or mail
  • Block and unblock user accounts, easily detect abuse and revert it
  • Import user list to quickly set up usernames and passwords that you may already have
  • Add supervisor fields that can only be edited by authorized staff

Data Import and Export

  • Automatically publish schedules to Outlook, Apple iCal and Google Calendar
  • Automatically retrieve your free/busy information from Google Calendar
  • Import and export data via standard protocols such as vCard, iCal, XML, Excel and CSV
  • Export user information in a variety of formats, for example to send Direct Mail
  • Export appointment information to Excel, for example to calculate utilization
  • Custom drop down menus in user forms can contain product codes for easy back-end integration
The link is

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Engrade: Freeware for Teachers, Students and Administrators

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Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information. It's private, secure, truly free, and unbelievably easy to use - so join over 50,000 teachers and start using Engrade today.

Engrade » Teachers

Engrade provides you with free, time-saving tools to help you better connect with students and parents.

Easy to Get Started

· Engrade is truly free
· Set up is easy, it takes only five minutes
· It's all web-based, so there's nothing to download or install

Free Public Teacher Website

· Customize your profile picture and welcome messages
· Choose to publicly display your class assignment calendars
· Includes quick links to the log in and sign up pages for students

Free Online Assignment Calendar

· Post homework, tests, in-class events, and discussions
· Attach files and worksheets so students can download them from home
· Students and parents can post comments, questions, and replies
· Easily copy an event to multiple classes

Free Secure Online Messaging

· Answer questions and send notices to students and parents after class
· Safe and SPAM-free - only students' registered teachers can message them

Free Online Gradebook

· Easily point-and-click to enter scores just like a spreadsheet
· Customize your grading scale to your exact settings
· Have Engrade automatically calculate grades or choose to enter them yourself
· Weight assignment categories
· Drop the lowest assignment score in a category
· Excused and extra credit assignments
· Customize the order in which students and assignments are sorted
· Enter scores from home or school or anywhere with a web connection
· Easily print reports and export them to a spreadsheet
· Instant, private online grade reports for students and parents

Free Online Attendance Book

· Easily point-and-click to enter scores just like a spreadsheet
· Enter any custom marks based on your school's system
· Quickly see totals for each student
· Print and export reports to a spreadsheet
· Instant, private online reports for students and parents

View the demo at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free Online School Tools such as Detentions, Room Bookings, ...

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They offer all of our systems for free to schools and colleges . All of their systems have been designed, developed and tested by teachers. The systems are completely free for as long as you want them and are still using them, as part of their mission to make simple administration tasks simple in schools.

We have also compiled a list of free software for schools, parents & students

Arnie - Free online detention system

School detentions Online detention system designed and developed by teachers, tested in school. Arnie is designed to be easy and quick to use. Saving teachers time by passing detention admin to admin staff.

Dave - Free GCSE ICT (OCR) marking system

Online markingOnline marking system designed specifically for the GCSE ICT OCR course. Students / parents can see their marks online and can find out what they need to do to complete their work / improve their grades

Marvin - Free online merit system

Online meritsOnline merit system designed for KS1-3. Students / parents can see their merits online. Enter merits manually or quickly via a barcode scanner.

Bob - Free online room booking system

Online room bookingBob is our room booking system. He has been designed to be easy to use and super quick - just one click (after login in) and your booking is complete. Bob enables schools & colleges to make the most of their ICT suites.

Pat - Free online praise postcard system

Praise postcardsArnie's good brother, Pat is designed to easily send praise postcards to students at home. Teachers save time with Pat because he passes the sorting and printing to admin staff.

Clive - Free online on-call system

On-call systemClive is designed to quickly and easily send requests to on-call staff for student re-location.

The link is

Friday, May 15, 2009

Onyaka : Simple Stress Free Staff Roster Planning

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What is Onyaka?
Onyaka is an online staff time planning software service that takes all the pain out of staff scheduling!

Onyaka provides you with easy to use staff scheduling software, with NO downloads, NO expensive licence fees, and NO installation hassle!

Setup your Roster in 5 simple steps

1 Start a new project

2 Add your staff (just names and email addresses:
no shifts, no templates, no complicated stuff!)

3 Add skills (actually just skill names)

4 Drag-and-drop skills you want covered
straight into the calendar.

5 Press Go!

Onyaka will then figure out who should do what on which day (it does lots of other clever stuff too, but we don't want to bore you with all that!)

Why Choose Onyaka?

1 No expensive license fees, installation hassle
or cumbersome upgrades

2 Setup your staff roster in 5 simple steps

3 Simple drag and drop interface

4 Its FREE! (...maybe this should be point number 1!)

The link is