Friday, September 26, 2008

Automated Resume and Application Processing (ARAP) savings calculator

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This Microsoft Excel template can help recruiting specialists calculate the savings that could be realized by investing in recruiting software. You can use this template to compile data on your recruiting program and then calculate how your organization can benefit from an investment in recruiting software.

Autorota the freeware staff roster software

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Autorota is designed to automate the creation of staff rosters. Using a variety of user specified 'rules' staff can be allocated a variety of shifts, roles and working hours. Autorota can be configured to rotate shifts evenly between a number of staff, or force a particular repeating rota pattern to happen over several weeks.

Some features of Autorota include:
Works with MS Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Easy creation and maintenance of Weekly Rosters
Configure standard terminology to suit your organisation
Automatic allocation of Assignments (shifts/roles) based on user defined 'rules'
Year Planner for allocating standard days such as 'Vacation', 'Training' in advance
Tracking of standard days such as 'Off Sick'
Export Rosters to HTML (web pages) for easy read-only viewing for your staff
Animated Tutorial

The FREE version of Autorota is fully functional but is limited to only 10 personnel per department - ideal for small business or offices. Autorota Professional can have unlimited personnel.

Rosters are defined a week at a time, but days like 'Vacation', 'Training' etc can be entered into the Year Planner for each staff member, then these will be entered automatically into the weekly roster.

The downloadlink is

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Psychological Profiler as a freeware tool for recruiting, appraisals, ...

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Easily create a psychological profile of your friends, co-workers and other people you know
With Psychological Profiler, in the space of two days you can have psychological profiles for your friends allowing you to review their psychological values and know how you can approach and communicate with them best.

If you work on a customer service phoneline, this software is particually usefull for building psychological profiles of customers with on-going problems - using the psychological profiles you build of your customers you will know what type of words to use for that particular person and how best to communicate down the phone with them.

The program uses basic NLP terminology which is fast and easy to pickup on the net, the developer has provided some resources in the application that may help you.

Using the software you can create new profiles, and use the psychological scoring system to easily calculate a person psychological bios over a short period of time.

Psychological Profiler allows XOR encryption of the database file based on a passphrase and it can compress database files using GZIP.

The downloadlink is

Mindmeister:a free online collaboration with mind mapping

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One can use a mind mapping online tool to create or change the company structure, people assignments, business process modeling, job descriptions, networking, organizational charts, organograms, ... and even the freshnew HR-strategy. And last but not least as a collaborative tool to ...

About MindMeister

MindMeister brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions.
Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. In brainstorming mode, fellow MindMeisters from around the world (or just in different rooms) can simultaneously work on the same mind map - and see each other's changes as they happen. Using integrated Skype calls, they can throw around new ideas and put them down on 'paper' at the same time.

Create a Mind Map

As with any standard mind mapping application, you create new maps by adding ideas as they come to your mind. Whether you're the keyboard type (press INS or TAB to add an idea), or prefer using the mouse (double-click anywhere in the map, click the toolbar buttons and drag&drop to move ideas around), you can build your mind maps within a few minutes. We'll store them securely for you for as long as you like and you can export them in various mind map format, or even as a document outline or image file. And of course, you can also import your existing mind maps into MindMeister (we currently support MindManager and Freemind as source formats). All you need is a standard web browser, no plugins or additional software required.

Share with Friends

You can share any of your mind maps with friends and colleagues - maybe your future business partner, or just the marketing guy in Project F. Invitees will receive an email with a link and - depending on what access you give them - will be able to add their own ideas and comments. And don't worry, we save all the old versions of a map as well, so if their ideas weren't so hot you can just revert to any previous revision. If you want to share your map with the whole world, just click the 'Publish Map' link and integrate the mind map into your blog or website.

Real-Time Collaboration

When two or more users open the same mind map at the same time you are in brainstorming mode. Every change you make - be it adding new ideas, deleting bad old ones, or rearranging them within the branches - will be replicated instantly to your fellow editors' screens via the MindMeister server. Through colour-coded effects they will see what you did and vice versa, no reload necessary. And, if you need to talk to them directly, just click on their name in the footer and start a Skype conference call.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eventbride: a freeware for event or course management

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Every company creates one or more events during the year. This could be an yearly employee evening, a happening for customers, a course or workshop, ...

The maintenance and management of events or courses is very time consuming. More and more people do have access to the internet. Why not use a system that you can set up freely in the manner of "set it and forget it".

You don't have to call people, write down their names on lists, .... There are only advantages if you completely automize the workflow. Let people subscribe whenever they want to and the only thing you have to do is to control from time to time how many people are intending to attend the event, course, happening, ....

Such a free and online web application is Eventbride.


Create an Event
Create your own personalized event registration web page.

Upload Logos & Customize Colors
Completely tailor your event registration page. Upload logos, choose from a palette of text & background colors and publish a privately branded event page!

Collect Attendee Information
Customize the attendee information you collect during the registration process. Collect information from each attendee or just the ticket buyer.

Ticket Order & Attendee Reports
Produce printable and customizable ticket order reports and attendee reports. Reports can be imported into Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Easily edit attendee info and refund all or partial ticket orders.

Multi-User Access
Allow multiple event organizers to access one master account.

Add and Edit Attendee List
Add "offline" registrants to your guest list. All attendees and sales figures are merged into one master list.

Copy or Repeat Events
Quickly make a copy of an existing event page. Change any details of the new page for fast event publishing.

Publish one event page for recurring events with the repeat event feature. Great for events held on a repeating basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)!

Show Attendee List on Event Page
Publish a list of confirmed attendees on the event page for everyone to see.

Show Tickets Remaining
Show an inventory of each ticket type on the event page.

They're excited to announce a highly requested feature: the ability to schedule and send automated emails!

This feature makes it easy to send reminders and other emails to your attendees on a pre-determined date & time. Simply draft the email, set the date & time when it should be sent, specify the recipients of the email - we'll take care of the rest.
To access this feature, select "Email Attendees" from the left navigation menu on the "Manage Event" page.

i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS free and online web application Eventbride.