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Sign-up-Sheet an easy Freeware Event Management System for up to 200 attendants.

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The all-in-one online event & attendee management solution.

Throw that piece of paper and push pin away and manage your next shindig using Ensure no one is turned away with waiting lists. Improve communication between yourself and your attendees with comments (just like a blog). And collect exactly the information you need by customizing the fields on your registration form. Best of all, it's completely free for small events!

 Manage multiple events from one single account.

Planning many events at once can be a difficult and often timeconsuming task. We make it easy to manage multiple events using just a single account. You can assign each event a category which visitors can then use to filter your events to help them find the one they’re looking for. Also, you can distribute the work among your team by creating multiple user accounts each with their own category permissions.

Group similar events together by category for easy browsing.

When managing multiple events, keeping them all straight and organized can be a challenge. Our program allows you to create custom categories within your account that you can use to organize your events. Whether grouping them by business department, event type or season you have the ability to group your events and present them to your visitors in whatever way makes sense in your situation.

We automatically open and close registration so you don’t have to.

The days of having to take down your sign-up form from the bulletin board at a certain time are over. Closing registration is now as easy as setting a date. With each event you set a date for when registration begins and when it ends. We will automatically open and close registration for you, no effort necessary.

Save the details for later.

Here’s the scenario: you have an event coming up and you have some of the details but not all of them. You want to keep the details somewhere but you’re not ready to post the event yet. What do you do? We organize your events into 3 groups: draft, posted and archived. Create a new event and save it as a draft if it’s not ready to be posted yet. When your events are over archive them for posterity or delete them to make room for new ones.

Password protect private events so only certain people can sign-up.

We know that some events aren’t for everyone. To help prevent unqualified registrations you can set passwords for your private events. Even though the event is public and everyone can see the detail, and participate in the comment discussion, they can’t register without the password.

Open the lines of communication with your attendees.

Who’s riding with who? What dish should I bring to pass? Answer these questions and more using event comments. Open the lines of communication between your attendees by allowing visitors to post comments right on your event page (just like a blog). Your visitors can then participate in the discussion while you moderate and jump in and respond as needed.

Collect sensitive information securely.

Pen and paper is not always secure. Provide your attendees with the assurance that their information is being collected safely and securely over SSL. This is the same level of security banks and credit card companies use when making transactions online. SSL security is available on many of our subscription plans.

Seamlessly integrate your registration process with your own website.

To reduce confusion, it’s important to make the registration process as seamless for your users as possible. Link directly to your event from your website and redirect attendees right back to your site once they’ve registered.

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