Sunday, May 25, 2008

HumanEdj A free Tool for Better Human Collaboration

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desktop software - think Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes - was born in an age when the information you used was stored mainly on your own network and the people you interacted with digitally worked mainly for your own organization.

The Web changed all that.

For a new age, we need new operating software. So Role Modellers has built the first software tool to truly support 21st century collaboration.

Go beyond groupware ... to the HumanEdj

HumanEdj is a new way of accessing your messages, documents and office systems - better than, for example, the Windows desktop or Start menu. HumanEdj lets the organization manage high value human work, and the individual do it more efficiently.

HumanEdj represents the next generation of work management tools. It goes further than the the task management features offered in some existing collaboration software, by basing human interactions on business processes defined using Human Interaction Management principles.

Work processes defined via HumanEdj do not treat people like cogs in a machine. Rather the software provides a natural balance between the freedom required by human nature (supporting informal human interaction and document creation while allowing people to take on commitment and responsibility) and the management controls that every organization requires (allowing processes to be audited, re-used and even updated during execution to keep them consistent with the next steps that people agree on).

Why you should use this software?

HumanEdj License Options

Standard license: free, provided automatically on download, and everything you need to revolutionize human collaboration.

Organizational license: includes support and other enterprise features

Integration license: allows automated integration of human work with routine work handled by other enterprise systems such as workflow, Business Process Management, or ERP.

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