Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Processmaker Free HR-Workflow and HR-documents management

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ProcessMaker is a user-friendly application to manage workflow efficiently and effectively. Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows, increase transparency, and radically reduce paperwork. Automate processes across systems, including human resources, finance, and operations.

ProcessMaker workflow management software is easy to use and easy to implement. The ProcessMaker toolbox allows you to create forms, design documents, manage roles and users, designate routing rules, link to third-party systems, and map fully-functional workflows. The software is entirely web-based, making it simple to coordinate workflow across offices. ProcessMaker connects with your existing IT infrastructure, including DMS, ERP, CRM, and BI systems and databases.

Here you have just an example of an employee performance review dynaform, easily made and added to your HR-environment and also online available.

ProcessMaker Enterprise clients enjoy a fully supported, top quality BPM suite with the added benefits of Open Source. ProcessMaker adapts to meet your IT needs and requires minimal implementation resources. Flexible and customizable, ProcessMaker has been implemented in a variety of industries including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government. Learn more about how ProcessMaker's Enterprise solutions can work for your business.

ProcessMaker makes it easy to optimize workflow management and business operations.

  • Create workflow maps, or choose from templates.
  • Design custom forms for all your organization's processes.
  • Pull data from other forms, databases, and external sources through web services.
  • Track case progress to see where process delays occur.
  • Analyze results to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

ProcessMaker is a user-friendly workflow manangement system:

  • No programming experience necessary.
  • Easy-to-use AJAX interface for simple process creation and instant preview.
  • Drag-and-drop, browser-based interface makes it simple to map processes.
  • Add users, dynaforms, documents, messages, and alerts with the click of a button.
  • Optional HTML editor gives full control over form appearance.
ProcessMaker gives your organization the advantage of open source:
  • Lower implementation costs, higher value.
  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Installs on Linux & Windows (LAMP/WAMP).
  • Integrates with databases including MySql, Oracle, SQL.
  • Connects with third party systems through web services.
  • Easy to share information with DMS, BI, CMS, ERP systems.

Since it's open source, it is of course free. You can find the application at

1 comment:

John Owens said...

Your software looks like it produces quite elegant flowcharts.

Strictly it should be termed "Procedure" modeling software as it embeds the HOW and the WHO into the model.

Business Processes need to me based on the WHAT, regardless of the HOW and the WHO.

You still have a powerful product but could lead to disillusion by clients looking for true Process Modeling software.