Friday, May 15, 2009

Onyaka : Simple Stress Free Staff Roster Planning

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What is Onyaka?
Onyaka is an online staff time planning software service that takes all the pain out of staff scheduling!

Onyaka provides you with easy to use staff scheduling software, with NO downloads, NO expensive licence fees, and NO installation hassle!

Setup your Roster in 5 simple steps

1 Start a new project

2 Add your staff (just names and email addresses:
no shifts, no templates, no complicated stuff!)

3 Add skills (actually just skill names)

4 Drag-and-drop skills you want covered
straight into the calendar.

5 Press Go!

Onyaka will then figure out who should do what on which day (it does lots of other clever stuff too, but we don't want to bore you with all that!)

Why Choose Onyaka?

1 No expensive license fees, installation hassle
or cumbersome upgrades

2 Setup your staff roster in 5 simple steps

3 Simple drag and drop interface

4 Its FREE! (...maybe this should be point number 1!)

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