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Free Online School Tools such as Detentions, Room Bookings, ...

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They offer all of our systems for free to schools and colleges . All of their systems have been designed, developed and tested by teachers. The systems are completely free for as long as you want them and are still using them, as part of their mission to make simple administration tasks simple in schools.

We have also compiled a list of free software for schools, parents & students

Arnie - Free online detention system

School detentions Online detention system designed and developed by teachers, tested in school. Arnie is designed to be easy and quick to use. Saving teachers time by passing detention admin to admin staff.

Dave - Free GCSE ICT (OCR) marking system

Online markingOnline marking system designed specifically for the GCSE ICT OCR course. Students / parents can see their marks online and can find out what they need to do to complete their work / improve their grades

Marvin - Free online merit system

Online meritsOnline merit system designed for KS1-3. Students / parents can see their merits online. Enter merits manually or quickly via a barcode scanner.

Bob - Free online room booking system

Online room bookingBob is our room booking system. He has been designed to be easy to use and super quick - just one click (after login in) and your booking is complete. Bob enables schools & colleges to make the most of their ICT suites.

Pat - Free online praise postcard system

Praise postcardsArnie's good brother, Pat is designed to easily send praise postcards to students at home. Teachers save time with Pat because he passes the sorting and printing to admin staff.

Clive - Free online on-call system

On-call systemClive is designed to quickly and easily send requests to on-call staff for student re-location.

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