Saturday, March 1, 2008

Integrated Business Decisions Freeware as your starting point for the creation of a brandnew business or company

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Integrated Business Decisions renders easy interactive business decisions and planning including: demand prediction in competitive markets, sales, required employees, facilities and resources, equipments, loans, current cost, profit, taxes, cash, assets and liabilities.

The business planning in IBD can be in general described with the following sequence of calculations: demand > delivery > output > sales > materials (including manufacture equipment and facilities) > personnel > total cost > gross profit > taxes > net profit > money.

Detailed help, examples, charts and reports are provided. Note: To use the full capabilities of this program, you are required to register it to get the unlock password. Registration is FREE.

It seems to me that this software is a very good point to start to schedule your business in order to create a business plan. One of the issues to evaluatie during the creation of your business decisions is of course the evaluation of the amount of employees you need.

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