Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Personnel Manager Software

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Personnel Manager Software enables the user to maintain information of Human Resources/Personnel.

Personnel Manager Software simply verifies attendances, sicknesses, lateness, holidays and employees near retirement. Personnel Manager Software compares hours absence and absence frequency and reports on holiday entitlement.

It's simple to use and one has an overview over one employee at a time. It could be used as one of the "KPI's" for appraisals and evaluation interviews.

The download link is

Human resource freeware software is a weblog dealing with human resource softwares.

The main purpose is to help small, medium and large companies to create a completely functional Human Resources department. So this weblog will deal with software that enables one to create such a department.

The human resources software will deal with topics as: personnel development, personnel employment, training, recruitment, human resources time management, ... Let's say all areas that one can use in order to create a well functioning HR-department.

This weblog will help human resources managers because they don't have to research free software because those resources will all be collected in this weblog. This will in itself facilitate the human resource development and services.

Human resource software will be added on a weekly basis. If you like to add questions, suggestions, ... you can fill out the poll which you can find at the right bar or subscribe to my RSS-feed.

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