Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jobscore - A Freeware Online Website To Maintain Your Recruitment Processes

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Free hosted solution that allows you to create listings, score applicants, track progress and generate reports.

JobScore is a self-service recruiting solution for employers.

With JobScore there's no need to talk to pushy salespeople or pay expensive consultants. Just
sign up and get started.

Set up is easy. Sign in to your account, add your logo, and choose your colors. Then point the "jobs" link on your company website at your JobScore careers site.

Instead of applying by sending you their resume as an email attachment, candidates apply online using your careers site.

Careers Site

JobScore powers the careers pages of your company's website. We make it easy for you to keep your job listings up to date, and even easier for candidates to apply over the web. Every JobScore customer gets their own custom careers site.

We extract key information, work experience and education history from each applicant's resume, and they verify whether we've got it right.

JobScore displays profiles in a standardized format so you can quickly determine who to call. You control whether you review applicants in your online account, daily digest e-mails or individual e-mail alerts.

Post Jobs

JobScore makes it easy to post jobs and drive applicants to apply online through your careers site. You can stop wasting time entering your job into a bunch of different job boards: we publish your jobs to multiple job boards with one click. We publish to CareerBuilder, Craigslist, HotJobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired and we're adding new boards all the time.

Request Referrals

Referrals are the best way to hire people. JobScore makes it easy for you to send email to your personal and professional networks, driving referrals to apply online through your careers site.


JobScore provides visibilty into what's working. There's no need to spend hours every week manually compiling reports. All users can see how things are going at any time.

  • Track interviewing progress, marketing effectiveness and pipeline quality all on one screen.

  • Create custom lists of jobs by department, location and status using the filters on the candidate manager.

  • Create custom lists of candidates by job, status, score or source using the filters on the candidate manager.

Score Candidates

JobScore helps you zero-in on qualified candidates. Just enter your criteria and our match engine will generate a score for each of your candidates.

We feed your criteria into our match engine and score each candidate on a 10 point scale.

With JobScore there's no mystery, you can easily drill down into exactly why each candidate gets a certain score.

Review reports to make sure that you've got qualified people in your pipeline, and use average scores to see if your job marketing activities are generating qualified candidates.

Email Alerts

JobScore helps you stay organized by sending email alerts. Candidate alerts let you know when people apply for your jobs, task alerts help keep the ball rolling, and weekly activity reports keep everyone focused on reaching your hiring goals.

Choose between reviewing applicants in individual emails or a daily digest.

See a snapshot of what you need to do using your daily task digest. JobScore also sends you an alert each time someone assigns you a task.

Track your progress using weekly activity report emails.

Assign Tasks

JobScore helps you collaborate because hiring is a team effort. Invite your entire team into your JobScore account and assign each other tasks so you can stay on track.

Track all your to-do items using the tasks manager and daily task digest emails. Make sure that nothing falls through the cracks by tracking the tasks you assign to others.


Every company has its own hiring process. JobScore doesn't force you to work a certain way, you can customize the system to work the way you want.

  • Create and track your own step-by-step hiring process using candidate status options.

  • Create custom task categories so people know what to do when you assign them a task.

De downloadlink is Jobscore.

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