Sunday, November 2, 2008

Easy HR date Calculator

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Easy HR Date Calculator is a useful tool that makes it easy to calculate leave payments, workers comp payments.

It allows you to quickly and easily calculate the number of working days between two dates. It also calculates the normal working hours between those dates, and advises you of any holidays that are occurring within the given period.

Here are some key features of "Easy HR Date Calculator":

· Easy to use and configure.
· Quickly calculates the number of working days and holidays between two dates.
· Easily select dates using a pop up calendar.
· Use it to calculate days absent for Annual Leave, Sick, Workers Compensation, etc.
· Easy to enter holiday dates - simple text file database structure. File can be edited in Word, Notepad, etc.
· Easy to enter holiday dates - Add holidays from within the application. No need to manually edit text files or worry about regional date format issues.
· Smart logic warns user when there are no more future dates in the database. It may be time to add next years dates !
· Ability to recognise and warn user of invalid holiday dates in the database.
· Ability to include a description for each holiday date.
· No limit to how far in the future you can set up your database. You could set it up now for the next 6 years if you knew all the holidays.
· Compatible with all regional settings.
· Ability to add a line of comments to the database that is not read during a calculation.
· Preset 'quick menu' for common Australian work patterns. (We can add others, please ask.)
· Calculates the number of hours to pay an employee for each day between the selected dates.
· Calculates total number of hours to pay an employee.
· Print your calculation for filing in the employees file.

This product is free for non commercial use. you must register if you wish to use the application within a commercial environment.

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