Monday, December 1, 2008

Adonis: A Business Process Modelling Freeware for Human Resources

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BOC is giving you free access to the ADONIS:Community Edition (ADONIS:CE) package here. ADONIS:CE is your free, easy to use and functionality enhanced access to professional Business Process Management.

ADONIS includes a suitable model type to depict organisation charts and to document organisational units, actors, and roles. Further documentation attributes include things such as skills, presence, and availability for example. All these elements can then be referenced from the process model and linked to swimlanes, processes, activities, or any potential object. These links are very important for reporting issues based on cross-references (role-activity matrices, organisational unit-process matrices etc.).

Resource planning is often an iterative and ongoing process. With ADONIS you are able to make dynamic resource plan updates and explore different planning aspects.

Capacity analysis estimates the resources needed for a specific process or a group of processes assigned to a working environment model. The workload analysis, in contrast to the path analysis and capacity analysis algorithms, takes the given resources and shows waiting time and durations. You can choose two different workload analysis approaches. On one hand you could use steady-state, which simulates workload with a given quantity of a process occurrence. On the other hand you could apply workload analysis with a timetable constraint.

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