Monday, December 29, 2008

CV One A Freeware Video Resume Tool

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Scholars, students, scientists, designers, writers and actors use CV One to stand out when applying for scholarships or funding, or to participate in contests or projects.

CV One allows you to be your own stage director and producer. Create your own video script including notes that will help you later when recording the video parts. With CV One you can essentially speed up the interview process.

A great variety of templates allow you to design the lay-out of your resume to your liking. You, your family and your friends can preview your video resume as many times as you wish and revise it where needed, before sending it out.

CVOne is a free video resume tool that allows job seekers to create a video application. It comes with a link to your personal job application homepage that can be sent to recruiters and hiring managers.

CVOne can be used to apply for jobs and internships, even projects and scholarships. The creation of a video application with CVOne does not require advanced technical skills and is easy, and secure.

All you need is a home computer with Windows, a sound card, a web cam with a microphone (built-in or external), and you'e ready to go. If you do not have any of these items, no worries - most computer or electronics stores carry them.

The software provides sample videos and templates that help to create a professional CV or resume. CVOnes is not a YouTube-style video and allows to easily add job application documents such as cover letters, recommendations and references, writing samples, scientific publications, transcripts, etc.

All of the personal data, videos, resumes and attachments can be viewed on one website. No need to send out huge video files and documents. The CVOne user can choose between unlimited access to the personal site or to have access protected by password.

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Be your very own screenplay writer, camera man, lighting technician, director and movie star when it comes to your job application. Simply press "Record", 3 - 2 - 1 and go! If you don't like the results, try again and re-record your videos as many times as you wish. You can personalize your job application using various templates, colors and fonts.

Your personal job application homepage will be securely hosted on CVOne's servers. The Internet link can then be sent out to hiring managers, be posted on the job searcher's printed resume or business card, in career communities such as OpenBC or Facebook and on job sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder or YahooHotjobs, and much more. CVOne has been created by the team of HighTechMARKET, Inc.

I also highly recommend to make yourself visible on the internet to recruiters.

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