Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rypple A Freeware 360° Feedback Application

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Rypple Introduction from Rypple on Vimeo.

How does Rypple work?

What is Rypple?

Rypple is simply the best way to get useful feedback. It's quick, direct, and easy.

Successful people have friends, mentors, managers, and clients they view as trusted advisers. These people can give real, useful feedback. But, it's hard to give helpful advice. Why??

  • It can be awkward
  • People are busy. Face-to-face reviews and emails take too long
  • Annual reviews are linked to your pay or promotion

Rypple fixes this by giving you control. You choose:

  • Your advisers
  • Questions relevant to you
  • When and how often you ask for feedback
  • And, most important: you choose what to do with the feedback

Why is Rypple better than email or face-to-face feedback?

Email and face-to-face meetings are good. But they take too long or are not anonymous. Rypple lets you ask, and lets your advisers answer when it's convenient. Rypple gives you and your advisers privacy: comments are not linked to the names of your advisers; and others (including your boss) don't see what people are saying about you. Best of all, Rypple keeps all your feedback in one place so you know how you're doing over time.

How do I use Rypple?

Use Rypple in three easy steps:

  1. Go to Get Feedback to ask your mentors, co-workers, managers, friends, or clients a single question. Rypple lets them know you're looking for feedback or advice, and gives them a quick way to tell you what they really think (since their identity is kept secret). It only takes them a minute to respond and they don't even need a Rypple account.
  2. Head to Review Results to see the responses as they come in. Only you see the responses.
  3. Help people by visiting Give Feedback to privately respond to questions that others ask you. Your identity is not linked to your feedback.

The best way to learn about Rypple is to use it. It's fast, easy to use, and it's free!

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