Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smart Flow A Workflow Management Solution Freeware Version

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Smart Flow is the ISS internally-used workflow and document management system. It is aimed to the managers who need their daily work neatly organized, and the information easily available. The application organizes everyday work and documents into categories, work processes and tasks, which include all related data, documents, contacts, and notes.

The scanned documents, the references to paper documents and the links to files and Internet pages are treated as all other documents. Smart Flow provides automatic filling-in of frequently used electronic documents, by using document templates and separating the data from the documents.

The frequently used work processes could be easily separated as workflow templates. Smart Flow includes a shared scheduler for appointments, available to all users of the same server. Version 1.9.2 fixed and improved is the integration between Smart Flow and Open Office 3, added a screen for displaying the newly created documents, added a screen for displaying the urgent work processes and tasks, and improved is the work of the internal document-tracking system.

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