Monday, July 13, 2009

Colabolo: a new team tasks management tool

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Do you need to delegate tasks to your team members? Are you drowning in too much email?

Introducing the as-easy-as-email issue manager - Colabolo, for your business team. Experience how Colabolo helps your business team get work done quickly without using email, complex web applications, Excel sheets or meetings. You can use it to efficiently assign, track and resolve task assignments, business issues, sales leads, approval requests, document reviews, support requests, defects or any other collaborative task that requires a coordinated team effort. Use it to manage your virtual team, small or medium sized business, project team in the enterprise, or to interact with customers and as a help desk tool.

Now managing issues is as easy as email :)

What is Colabolo?

Colabolo is a software service that helps coordinate the execution of tasks by your team. Use it with your team to delegate, track and communicate on issues and get them done, without using email, spreadsheets or meetings. With Colabolo, the current assignee and status of all issues become transparent and everyone is always in sync. It is simple to use and boosts your team's productivity.

You can use it to track business issues, sales leads, approval requests, document reviews, support requests, defects or any other task that requires a team effort.

How does Colabolo work?

You and your team members use the Colabolo desktop client which communicates with the Colabolo server over the internet. You can see the latest status of all the issues in your local Colabolo application. Any changes you make are instantly synced to all your team members by the Colabolo server, so everyone is always on the same page.

What is unique about Colabolo?

Here's what makes Colabolo unique:
  • Easy to use – looks and feels like an email client.
  • An issue tracker with a built-in Inbox - no more emails! The latest changes to the issue are highlighted.
  • Push notifications - all updates are automatically synced among team members.
  • Create issues, assign, comment and resolve.
  • Quickly filter issues assigned to you or another team member.
  • Share files P2P - your files stay with you.
  • Interact with external users via email - use as a help desk tool.
  • Customize workflow to match your business process.
  • Use from iPhone. Work offline.
  • Easy install. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • No hardware or software purchase necessary.
  • Pay monthly by credit card based on number of team members.
  • And there's more to discover! Keyboard shortcuts? Multiple languages? Yep.
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