Friday, June 6, 2008

Resume Rater: A Free Way To Easily And Effectively Rate Resumes

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Here are some key features of "Resume Rater":

· Resume Rater "rates" resumes for their suitability / relevance against a given functional background or a given skill background that you are looking for in any resume.

· Resume Rater sorts the text resumes into categories
· When you click on any particular "Category" in the table, only the relevant resumes will get displayed
· It saves your time ( - the scarcest resource ).
· It automates ( albeit, thru collective intelligence of thousands of users), the "Rating" process.
· It vastly improves the quality of rating (being unbiased / untiring / thorough ).
· It enormously speeds-up the shortlisting process ( whom to call for interview ? )
· You are no more glued to your mailbox !

· It enables you to spend more time interviewing / evaluating candidates (something which no software can do ). Resume Rater highlights (in RED) the keywords found in a resume. When you click on any of these keywords, a set of relevent INTERVIEW QUESTIONS pop-up! Then you can link CONSULT WIKIPEDIA to find answers ! This feature works when you are online.

· Suddenly those thousands of unsearchable text resumes lying in hundreds of files and folders on your harddisk, get Rated ( score-wise ) Organized ( Function / skill wise ) Meaningful (for which vacancy ? ) Searchable ( a matter of seconds )

The link is here.

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