Sunday, June 1, 2008

ZOHO: a free and structured E-Recruitment Tool

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Acquiring the right talent is the toughest challenge every recruitment team faces & getting caught in mundane paper works or getting routine jobs done etc aggravates the issue. Zoho People's simple 5 stage recruitment process makes easy the process of hiring an employee right from populating resume database, searching appropriate candidate in resume database, scheduling/consensus on interview to finally hiring as an employee. Thus it enables your recruitment team to focus on the strategy to acquire right talent.

Create job openings -
Enable Managers to raise/hold/cancel job openings. Allow managers to specify the required skills/competency details.

Post job openings in website -
Embed selective Job Openings in website for candidates to apply.

Resume pool -
Populate your resume database by adding/importing resumes. Directly add resumes (applied through embedded forms in website) to your resume database.

Search resume pool -
Search resume pool & select candidates based on any of their filled details like experience, skillset, name etc.,

Schedule interviews & make offers -
Schedule multilevel interviews for candidates & allow interviewers to select a candidate with a single click. Enable your recruitment team to send offers & track them, with no paperwork.

Track the candidate´s progress -
Allow easy & usable way to track candidate's progress through the different stage & take necessary actions like notify candidate through mail, mark comments about the candidate etc.

Automate your notification mechanism -
Send mail notification to candidates, interviewers, approvers & recruitment owners on the recent action taken to track changes.

Click to hire -
Just a click to make a candidate as an employee reducing significantly your new hire paperwork.

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