Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WorkflowPerfect as free app for your Recruitment Process

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What is WorkflowPerfect?

WorkflowPerfect is a FREE web-based business process tool that enables you to enforce your business process, track the status of work items and collaborate work among team members through electronic form routing and the concept of workflow -- all from the convenience of your web browser.

You can use WorkflowPerfect to automate and streamline your human resource processes. These may include candidate screening, new hire checklist, tuition reimbursement, vacation request, position review, exit survey, etc.

Create Custom Workflow to Fit the Way You Do Business

WorkflowPerfect is a generic framework that is intended to be applicable to most business processes. It gives you the flexibility to set things up how you like. You can build and customize workflows for your specific business needs. See sample applications to get an idea of possible usages.

Collect and Share Information Among Team Members

Design and customize electronic forms to collect information from team members. Forms are automatically routed to appropriate people or group based on your workflow configurations.

File Sharing

WorkflowPerfect lets you store and share files online. You can access your work documents, files from anywhere anytime.

Save Time Tracking and Managing Your Work Items

WorkflowPerfect helps make work more controllable. Work can be tracked easily from start to finish. As a result, you gain greater overall project visibility.

Working with Customers and Contacts

Keeping track of customers and contacts is vital for any business. WorkflowPerfect allows you to create customer database. You can then associate contact or customer to work items and see exactly where they are in the workflow.

Access Anywhere 24x7

WorkflowPerfect is your online workspace. With Internet access and a standard web browser, team members can collaborate work easily whenever they want to, wherever they may be located.

Team Collaboration

WorkflowPerfect helps improve the effectiveness of team collaboration. It ensures that the right information reaches the right person at the right time -- allowing for more productive working relationships.

No Programming Skill Needed

A non-technical person can set up a workflow through a friendly Workflow Configuration Wizard in hours.

Rapid Deployment. No Software to Install.

With WorkflowPerfect, there is no hardware or software to install. You will be up and running in minutes.

It's Free

Last, but not least -- WorkflowPerfect is completely free! This includes system maintenance, upgrade, and email support.

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